Lesser Fruit Tree Collection

Lesser Fruit Tree Collection Lesser Fruit Tree Collection

The gardens should be a place of reference for plants that have been forgotten as they are no longer planted for various reasons. Herbs are coming back in a big way and the gardens’ collections on herbs will be in the herb garden. Trees however would need to be brought back in the main gardens. The trees that were sourced included the following:

Aleurites moluccana, Buah Keras
Anacardium occidentale, Buah Gajus, or Cashew Nut
Barringtonia racemosa, Putat Kampong
Baccaurea parvif lora, Wild Rambai
Buchanania arborescens, Sparrows Mango
Canarium littorale, Kedondong Bulan
Dialium indum, Keranji
Diospyros blancoi, Buah Mentega, Butterfruit
Myristica fragrans, Nutmeg, Buah Pala
Sandoricum koetjape, Sentul
Tamarindus indica, Asam Jawa or Tamarind